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    Hi all!

    I didn't see any threads for CNR's Accelerated or Individualized program for the upcoming year so I decided to go ahead and start one. Has anyone out there enrolled or is planning to enroll? Who knows anything about the college's reputation? When I completed my FAFSA I had a stat pop up saying that the graduation rate for CNR (cum, not just nursing) was 29% and retention was something like 60%, vs. NYU which was 84% and 92%, respectively. Crazy, right? Not sure where they were pulling the data from...but still raised some questions. Anyway, I enrolled for the Individualized track starting this Jan as I have a few outstanding pre-reqs (sociology, anat & phys II, writing II). Hoping to meet some future classmates on here!

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    Moved to the New York State Nursing Programs forum.
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    Did you get the letter from them saying they now require the TEAS. I had a feeling that was coming.
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    I haven't been accepted yet but the director of admissions told me I would be eligible for the summer accelerated BSN program EXCEPT I'm missing one math class. I got a C- in precalc in college and they've asked me to take the CLEP to show proficiency. I'm pretty mediocre in the math department--I got my lowest % in the TEAS and NLN in the math portion--has anyone taken the CLEP? How hard is it? Which one is easier--college algebra or college math?
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    Never heard of the Clep but I really hope they don't ask me to take it. I registered to take the teas but I didn't choose a date yet. I need to find out the deadline so I can have enough time to study and not take away from my current class work.
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    If you're missing a college math class or got less than a C+ (I was unfortunately in that boat), they will ask you for a class or the CLEP. I am dreading it big time...
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    Oh jeez. I need to check my transcript to see if I fall in that boat. I don't remember what I got in that class.
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    I just checked I got a C+. Whew!
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    Am currently attending hostos but hoping to get accepted to Cnr as a transfer student . I have scheduled to take the tease on 03/16/12 hoping to score 70 or above that's what they require now am doing the Individualized tract can any one who is already accepted for fall 13 or current students tell me or give any advice if I have any chance of being accepted with these grades. Current gpa 3.445 AnP2 C+{dam professor with his ridiculous exams, three quarter of the class drop I should have done it too) AnP1 B+AnP2 C+General chemistry APsychology both1&2 A- Sociology A. English 1A- & Eng 2 BMath120( Intermidiate algebra) A Nutrition B+ Am currently taking stats and microbiology and so far am aiming for an My first Micro test I got 100 plus three extra points an A is definitely there for me with this class as for stats I score a 80 trying to get 100 on next test or a 90. Am just worried about that flipping C+. I am 34 years never finished high school on my country came here took the GED pass it on my first try its my first time attending college I have a clean transcript no D,R,F or W on it hope they take this into account. I really need to make childhood dream to life. So any student out there any advice
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    I forgot to mentioned I did Math for dosage calculations that is A-

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