BMCC Admissions Process?

  1. Hey everyone! So I'll be applying to nursing school for admission in Spring '14, and one of the school's I'll be applying to is BMCC.

    I was browsing some of the old posts about BMCC, but it seems as if the admissions process changed, right? For example, applicants now have to take the HESI A2 test. So admissions isn't just based on the GPA (only pre-req GPA right?), but the admissions test too, correct?

    Now, I'm taking my pre-reqs at another CUNY college, but I see that for BMCC, you have to take MAT 104 at BMCC. If I take it during the Fall semester, is that too late to apply for the Spring, or do I need to finish it by the summer?

    I had taken A&P I years ago (somewhere between 2005-2007, can't remember), got a low grade, then retook and got an A. From the old threads, it looks like BMCC will take the retake grade in calculating the GPA, right?

    Lastly, do you have to be enrolled as a student at BMCC before applying? I know some CUNY programs ask you to be matriculated as a student, but I'm not sure about BMCC.

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