Barnes and Jewish Upper Division Waitlist

  1. Hello! I was wondering how fast the wait list for the Barnes Upper Division Program at the Goldfarb School of Nursing goes. I am number 23 on the Fall 2010 waitlist. I went from 54 to 23 in one month. I was wondering if it would be likely if those spots became available by September 2010.
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  3. by   sivad05

    I was wondering if you were accepted into the Fall 2010 program?
  4. by   ripalpatel
    Yes I did! I got a phone call yesterday and I am going to orientation on Friday! I am very excited although getting everything together is stressful in such a short amount of time.
  5. by   sivad05

    That is great news, I know you will be busy but if you have time let me know how it's going. I am on the waitlist for Spring '11. I am number 15, so I am wondering if I should expect to get in or not.
  6. by   ripalpatel
    Well...if this gives you hope, I applied to BJC and was wait listed for both Fall of 2010 and Spring of 2011. My wait list number for Fall was 55 and 35 for Spring. I applied in May of 2010 and got in three weeks before the semester starts (September 9th). You have nothing to worry about! Wait lists go by quickly! Many people apply for multiple terms and others trying to get into the accelerated program apply for the Upper Division Program so they can play two wait lists. Just keep calling admissions every 2-3 weeks and ask them what your wait list number is. You should see it steadily decreasing. I hope this helps!
  7. by   lthai1
    Hii i was wondering does the waiting list go by quickly? I was told i was for
    fall 2012 # 78
    Spring 2013 #90
    Summer 2013 #50

    With numbers that high do you think theres a high chance for fall? please reply back
  8. by   lthai1
    hi ripalpatel, does the waitlist go by quick? i am praying to get in by summer since theres no chance for this fall 2012 & spring 2013. how are the classes and professors so far? when do you get an award letter for financial aid and loans options?