ASA COLLEGE nursing program(brooklyn, ny)

  1. Is anyone attending or heard anything about ASA' s nursing program?

    Just curious
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  3. by   niceybaby
    I actually just left this school today. My co-worker registered last week. SO from what I get, its about 24k for the program. They tell you that you will first need to go into the MEdical Assisting program and then after your gpa is up to 3.0 you can test for the program. The lady I spoke with then went on to say, "you will be placed on the waiting list". When I inquired about how long the list is, she stated she did not know. But that as a conciliation, Id have a Associates in Medical Assisting to fall back on. Take it for what you want but this just seemed odd to me.
  4. by   shanie818
    yeah that sounds really odd. it also sounds like
    mildred elley
    . well i will keep my fingers crossed for st. pauls and thank you for the response
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  5. by   mzthang2260
    Medical assisting first? Why, so the school can get more money? Why would I waste my time and money doing a medical assistant program first to see if I get in to an RN program? Why not just apply directly to an RN program? To complete the medical assistant is about two years then I must spend another two plus years to get an associates degree In RN, I could have my bachelors in that time frame. A few months ago I went to Asa website and downloaded the nursing curriculum and it looked reasonable but I didn't know or see anything about getting the MA first. If this is the case I wouldn't encourage anyone to apply.
  6. by   izza_ziggy
    well I am actually going today to talk to the director of nursing, and I am also not to sure about this college.
    They told me the same exact thing.. to go for medical assisting first, but I will definitely not be doing that. This school seems mostly for people that are ESL, from what i gathered.

    are there any specific questions I should ask?
    the only one in my mind is, if i want to further my degree in nursing will the credits be transferred?
  7. by   shanie818
    Sorry I didn't respond earlier I taking my entrance at exam St Paul's. How was the visit
  8. by   JAYPARK
    be careful of st paul school of nursing
  9. by   shanie818
    sliverdragon Mildred elley is a school name
  10. by   Goddess of health
    So I actually attend the nursing program at ASA and all I did was take the NLN pre entrance exam and got the score they wanted and I had a 3.7 GPA along with a few other requirements and I was accepted. I'm going into my second semester and so far it's been great I love the girls in my class, were like a family. The faculty has been good so far... Very pleased with the program as well so far.
  11. by   Sjsweetdimple
    Hello Goddess of Health,I recently got accepted to ASA's RN program and will be starting classes Spring '13. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much information about this program. Is there any insight you can give me (what to expect, how helpful instructors are, and anything else)?
  12. by   mrsmussa
    @sjsweerdimple what were the requirements to get in? Do you know what the schedule is like?
  13. by   mrsmussa
  14. by   LPNSTUDENT71
    Good evening everyone, I had recently had done some investigation on this Nursing program at ASA College in Brooklyn, New York. I went to the school personally, and I have to say I am not impress at all. I would tell everyone give it a couple of year's for the program of this institution to build a reputation. Majority of the program Nursing program's are registered with the NLNAC currently known as Accreditation Commission for education in nursing website Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. | Formerly NLNAC | National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc.. They are not accredited by the Ace Nursing organization at all, in additition their first semester of ginea pigs students begin Fall of 2013. So, this program have no history to base it on, in addition they are asking for $550.00 A CREDIT!!!! FOR A NON NATIONAL ACCREDITED PROGRAM??? PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. THEY ARE BASICALLY ASKING ALMOST $35,000.00 A YEAR.