Application for Licensure in New York

  1. I recently passed the Form 1 of the Application for Licensure in New York. I checked the box indicating that I need exemption from child abuse coursework because I thought that my work as a nurse in some hospitals can exempt me from contacts with children, and also because I cannot afford to spend more money for the coursework online. Now after my colleagues told me that I'd really need the child abuse coursework, I want to apply for the online courses but the thing is, it will not match with the option I checked for the Form 1.

    In a similar thought, I checked the exemption for the Infection Control training due to equivalent coursework (in Form 1) and passed the application. But I just recently checked with my school that they cannot give me a certificate of completion because what they have given me is not a training. Now I want to apply for the Infection Control training online, cause I don't have any other choice, but it will again not match if I check the Completion of Approved Coursework in Form 1IC and the Exemption in Form 1.

    What actions will the NYSED do if I send the forms that do not match? If it will cost me my chance for a license in New York, what can I do to remedy the situation? I really need help. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    This is a double post. Please see me reply to your question on your other post here