Anyone for KBCC Spring 2011 program?

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    I applied for the Spring 2011 program at Kingsborough and took the NLN on January 7th. Anyone else looking to get into that program?
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    yes and am waiting for nln results. Don't think I did well though and am extremely nervous. When did you take the nln
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    Hi! Scores for Jan 7th Kingsborough exam came in the mail today. How did you do? When do the letters of acceptance get sent?
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    didnt do badly at all. I think the letters come out in about two weeks. How did you do
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    Great! Good luck. I did well, people keep saying Im 'definitely' in, but Ill wait for that official piece of paper to relax, haha
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    I got a composite score of 141 and percentile of 97. I'm also being told that I'm "definitely" in but waiting for that piece of paper too. Lol
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    Thats great Brooklyn! Congrats!! I got 147 and either 98 or 99 percentile.
    Who did you have for sci 25?
    Im so nervous I keep checking esims and degree audit lol
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    that's great!! you're definitely getting into the program. i took sci 25 last spring (and did bio 12 this past fall). i had professor *********

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    How is Sci25? Is it a hard class? also, How was the NLN?
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    Theres the word definetly again lol. I do hope so, as will you . Ive heard lots of different scores from 98 up...
    I had Professor ******, Sat mornings. Very nice guy.

    Sci 25 was not easy for me. If you have a physics or chemistry background you should be fine. In the end I did well, but it was alot of work! I prefer A&P anytimeeeee!

    The NLN was ok. There doesnt feel like theres enough time for all the questions given.
    Math is math.. I had lots of percent type questions.
    The verbal seemed to kick most of my friends butts.
    I found the science portion to be mostly a review of all biology, physics, and chem.
    The review book for the test helped tremendously for the science section, in my opinion.
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