Anyone here from BMCC? pre-nursing

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    Anyone here from BMCC? I'm from laguardia cc, and I'm done with all my pre-reqs the only thing is that I didn't get into the nursing program in my school so I'm thinking of moving at BMCC, if I apply now as a student at BMCC when can I apply for the nursing candidacy? can I apply for spring 2011? I have all 4 pre-reqs done I got 3 A's and 1 B I'm not sure how much my GPA is with the pre-reqs, my overall GPA is 3.575, do you think I have a chance of getting into the nursing program at BMCC? the thing is that the school (bmcc) will not evaluate my grades unless I register as their student, I feel bad for that 'coz I don't want to register at BMCC then I'll end up not getting into their nursing program.. please any advice or ideas, thank you
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