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Hi. I'll be starting my pre reqs this spring at Medgar Evers begining with chm for health professionals. I plan on applying to a nursing RN program when done. Was wondering if there's anyone else... Read More

  1. by   lipeach21
    I went to the Registration Fair for Transfer students today and it took the entire day to get evaluated and registered. Since I didn't take any college level biology classes I would need to take intro to anatomy & Phy before I can take the first sequence of bio 251 (anatomy & Phy 1). I dont want to waste money and time for that one introductory course. My plan was to take all my science prereqs and transfer. Are there any recommendations?
  2. by   omoolu
    Lipeach21. I was wondering the same thing. I registered a few weeks ago and an advisor told me the same. Intro to A&P and then A&P I and then II but not on the 200 level but the 100 level. I asked why & they suggested that if i'd never taken a bio class before it's the better way to go. When I read the catalog description it seemed like the same material spread out over 3 semesters. Someone in the bookstore confirmed that both the 100 and 200 level A&P courses use the same book.

    So I guess if you're a strong student you can jump into that 251 & do your thing. That's what a friend of mine is doing now. She just got an A in 251...she did her CHM 105 last summer. It worked for her.

    I'm doing my CHM first so I have a little time to figure it out. Good luck to you!
  3. by   lipeach21
    The advisor told me I must take the intro course then 251. I asked her if there's any way around that, and she said no. The course description for 251 states the prereqs are bio 111 OR bio 101 OR CHM 105; it did not mention the intro course. I'm assuming we had the same advisor.

    so you're taking 1 class this semester? I'm taking chem at 5:30 and develop psy at 7pm.
  4. by   omoolu
    Yes, just the CHM. I have the liberal arts classes from my BA years ago. And i'm home with an infant & toddler so figured i'd ease into it

    If memory serves me, the advisor I spoke with made it sound like I could do either but she strongly suggested her way. I'd double check that catalog...I don't think there are any prerequisites for 251 other than basic math.

    perhaps we can try to keep in touch (when we each make 15 posts
  5. by   lipeach21
    It'll be great if i can take 251 in the summer. Def keep in touch