Any Laguardia Community College Fall 2017 Nursing Students?

  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of discussion. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm April, 19 and will be attending laguardia this fall as a freshman. I'm not in the clinical phase yet, so I believe the school consideres me an Undeclared Health major until I do reach it. Just wondering is anyone starting out at laguardia as well and perhaps we could get to know each other.
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  3. by   jenn.jenn3
    hi im also a freshman in la guardia, im doing the pre-requisites at the moment
  4. by   Z.April
    Cool. What classes are you taking at the moment? How are they going for you?

    I'm only taking Psychology 101, English 101, Statistics and the FY Seminar.
  5. by   jenn.jenn3
    IM taking mat96 eng101 fys and ssy101. Next semester I will take anatomy and chemistry and I'm done with the key curses. When are you planing to apply to enter the nursing program
  6. by   Z.April
    Fall session 2 I'm taking ssy 240 and eng102. Spring session 1 I'm taking chemistry and anatomy 1. I don't want to take anatomy during the short sessions, so I won't take anatomy 2 until next fall with microbiology.

    So so I’ll apply for candidacy in fall 2018 session 1 to start the nursing classes in Sping 2019.
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