Albany Rally for Safe Staffing Ratios???

  1. Heard that there was, or is going to be a very large union sponsored rally for safe staffing ratios in Albany. Buses are supposed to be available to pick up nurses at hospitals throughout the state to bring them to the rally. There was a flyer posted in the breakroom but was taken down by managment before I had a chance to read it (was in the middle of reading it when the NM pulled it off the wall). Anyone know anything about this and can provide more details? After having 12 patients (4 critical) in the ER on my last shift, I am eager to see something done to protect the patients and nurses from these abusive managment practice.
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  3. by   kscuba
    I found this article... I think it is talking about the same rally which would mean it is on June 10th... sounds like a great idea!
  4. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    Quote from kscuba
    I found this article... I think it is talking about the same rally which would mean it is on June 10th... sounds like a great idea!
    Gosh, wish I could go to this. Oh wait, I lost my job days ago and so now have time to go!!! Because my own institution (NON-UNION) with all its propoganda on retention and recruiting never did try to keep me on. I seemed to already be at the acme of my bedside career as one of the only BSN's on the unit. So the buck stops there?

    When will hospital administration learn that a good orientation far exceeds the crappy little bags of popcorn in your mailbox to reward you for an "inservice" that is nothing more than completing 3 questions from a posterboard in the breakroom?

    How about a program that properly trains preceptors to give hands-on training and that monitors the preceptor as closely as we the new orientees (already scared, overwhelmed, and having to soak it all up like a sponge) are having to sign off on our skills validation?

    Sorry it seems like I've ranted a bit here. I just lost a job that I am in a lot of nursing school debt for that I was hoping was 'IT". I just don't believe that all the noise about the nursing shortage is accurate. Any wam body will suffice if you can cut through the minutiae of poor work conditions. I couldn't. And nursing school as well as the public media has us thinking that we can make a difference. It's all political (or else why would we be rallying on Capitol Hill?) and if the only reward for retention being offered is tuition reimbursement for continuing onto a BSN, what's in it for those of us that already have the BSN?

    The nurset ratios are still too high
    Administrators still insist on crappy pay for critical thinking, multi-task, intensely-skilled, and fast care. Is this safe for our pts? Hell no!

    That same online review also lists this:

    The Advancement Ladder they mention really gets my goat!! Stop trying to advance at fix the problem!!!

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