Albany, NY Area Applicants

  1. Hi, I live in the Albany, NY area and have applied to Ellis School of Nursing and Adirondack Community College. Is there anyone else out there in my area who is anxiously waiting as well? I can't believe we have to wait unti April, it seems like a lifetime away. I just thought maybe I'd ask and see if there's anyone else out there with me
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  3. by   i.see.youRN
    I applied to ACC as well Good luck!
  4. by   mandilee428
    Do you know anybody who finished that program? I really don't know a lot about it. Do you have any of the math and science classes done? By this fall I will have everything done except for the actual Nursing I, II, etc.
  5. by   i.see.youRN
    I know a few nurses who graduated from ACC. I think it is supposed to be a decent program. I'm taking my prereqs at ACC and after the summer semester, I should have everything but nursing classes and a few non-science credits left to tackle.
  6. by   i.see.youRN
    I got invited to an interview at ACC... did you hear anything yet, mandilee428?
  7. by   mandilee428
    No not yet :/ I'm still waiting on my first choice too. ACC's pretty far for me to commute (I live in Amsterdam), but my first choice is Ellis, which is only about 10 minutes from me. Ellis doesn't send notice out until April, though. Still hoping to hear something good from either. Have you taken that math class for health care? I've been interested in taking that; I was thinking maybe this summer I would. Good luck @ the interview DD
  8. by   i.see.youRN
    Yes, I took the healthcare math class... Professor Baril is awesome!! I've never been that good at math and she made it very unintimidating.
    I hope you hear some good news!
  9. by   mandilee428
    I have an interview on March 5! I wonder what they'll be asking. I'm excited and really nervous
  10. by   i.see.youRN
    Me too!! On all counts... the same day, and nervous and excited! I asked a few nursing students in my class and they said to be prepared for questions like what drew you to nursing and where you hope it will take you, if you have a specialty in mind and questions like what caring means to you etc. They did say it was more questions than they expected, depending on who did the interviewing. Most were too nervous at the time to remember what questions they had...
    Awesome! Congratulations and good luck! I'm told it will probably take about a month to hear back... they wait for midterm grades to come in before final decisions.
  11. by   mandilee428
    Ugh! I hope it's not as bad as I imagine it being. I'm not always so crazy about being interviewed, but at least we're 2/3 of the way to being accepted My sister told me that she heard some rumor about the program having a 5 year waiting list? Do you know anything about that? That didn't seem to make too much sense to me, because if they have people on a wait list like that why would they still be taking applications twice a year? I don't know much about the school bc I haven't done any of my pre-reqs there or anything so I'm completely out of the loop.
  12. by   i.see.youRN
    No waiting list as far as I know... HVCC is a lot harder to get into. Many nursing students have told me that with my grades, the only thing that might hold me back (assuming the interview goes well) might be that I won't have time to get A&P done until summer, so they won't have grades for that. It states you must be ready to enter A&P, but as I understand, the people that have that done already get preference.
  13. by   mandilee428
    So how'd it go?
  14. by   CMH11
    I applied to Ellis as well! I'm going nuts waiting for decisions to be sent