Acceptance rates for Columbia ETP/Midwifery?

  1. Does anyone happen to know how many people apply and are admitted for Columbia's ETP program in the midwifery specialty? I keep hearing that it's very competitive but can't find out what that means... I called the admissions office and asked, but they said that information wasn't available. I also asked about FNP and WHNP but it seems they weren't in the mood to share.

    If anyone has any info I'd be grateful!
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    I went to a ETP info session last week and while they didn't give exact acceptance rates for each specialty, they did say that they have about 20 midwifery spots and 10 anesthetist spots each year, which are the only two specialties with strict limits due to limited integration sites. They received "close to 700" applications last year, 60-70 of which were incomplete, for 150-160 spots total (although apparently last year they took an abnormally large class of around 190).
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    I'm in the currently midwifery class, we have 14 admitted students in the cohort. Our total ETP class size this year is 145 students. The 190 students you are referring to is from 2 years ago. That was an abnormally large class size and apparently administration will never do that again?. Administration said 190 was just way too many people. It created chaos.

    I'd say midwifery and anesthesia are the two most competitive programs at the school because they don't accept as many students. These specialties also don't allow student's to change into them either. That said, you can change your speciality within the others though...FNP, ANP, ACNP, PNP, WHNP etc etc.

    I'd say the only difference in those two specialities is that most students are 100% sure this is what they want to do. They've either been working in a field that goes hand in hand or have correlating volunteer experience. Most the anesthesia students I know were chem majors or hard science majors. The midwifery students are mostly doulas or have a background in women's health related services. That said, we do have two straight from undergrad who just seem to be really passionate about birth and empowering women.

    Good luck, I hope this helps!
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    I thought you were an RN already? Clarify what you are asking please. Did you go on the website...I found lots of information there. Took all of say...3 minutes.