A few questions before starting school

  1. I am hoping to enter a nursing program this summer, or fall 2011. I am thinking about either LIU, or Adelphi University. Does anyone know which has a better BSN program? I would be entering school as a freshman, with no previous college, at 29(if I start over the summer) or 30(if fall semester). Also my ultimate goal is to go into pediatric nursing, are there any special courses that I would need to take to persue that, or is that something that is achieved after working experience?
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Whatever type or sort of nursing program you attend, *peds* will be covered in both classroom and clinical rotations as part of your education. Aside from this if you really want to work in this area, try for an externship in pediatric nursing. St. Jude's Childrens Hospital amoung many others have such programs.

    While pediatric nursing can be very rewarding, it's not all fat, pink healthy babies. You will encounter everything from abused children to those with chronic and even terminal illness. Sadly some do not always make it, and or simply seeing what some persons are capable of doing to a wee baby or child (abuse), can be more than your heart and soul can bear long.

    Best of luck with your new career choice!