30 and going back to school..BMCC Night Nursing Program

  1. hi all-
    ok so im trying to figure out what to do. i was set on going to either College of New Rochelle or Laguardia and do part-time while i get my pre-reqs out of the way. both have nursing programs. i wasnt sure what i wasnt going to do once i actually started the nursing program (i have to work full time) but where there is a will there is a way!! so i came across the night program at bmcc and it was heaven sent!! Now im just not sure how to get started. I havent set foot in school in almost 10yrs (im 30)!! i called the office and all im told his to put my app in online. I called Mr.****** in the nursing dept and was told the same thing (he wasnt very nice)
    how does it work as far as declaring a major to get into the nursing program? do you just start school, take the pre-reqs and apply for the program? can anyone declare a nursing major and just get going?
    i submitted my fafsa, am not able to get a Pell...bc the wonderful system of NY thinks we come home with our gross salary! so here i am, i need to figure out 1. how much partime will cost me a semester while i do my clinicals (2-3) classes. Then when accepted into the nursing program (i have to say "when"bc i refuse to think otherwise!) what the cost is for that? Also, what the program is actually like for those working?

    i know this is alot but i cant get answers out of anyone at the schools and finding this thread was the biggest blessing ever!! So, if anyone could please help me i would appreciate so very much!!

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  3. by   andreahan_rn
    i am a bmcc graduate! mr ****** isnt nice until your in the program lol as far as the night program there its 2 nights a week from i think 5-830 or so then clinicals is on the weekend. tuition is fairly cheap because it is cuny. i believe you can come in and be a nursing major but you have to take pre req's you will need eng101, anatomy and physiology1, psych100 and medical math calc. i wasnt a night student but if my memory serves me right there are 1 or 2 other science classes night students had to take in order to apply to the nursing program(nursing110,220, etc. +clinicals) the program itself is 4 semesters(2yrs) as far as pre req's if you take them all in one semester. there are other sciences like microbiology and some people finish all of those so they dont have to worry about them while they take the core nursing courses. hope this helped!
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  4. by   Redfalcon518
    Thank you! I was so worried noone was going to answer me! LOL! is it really just the cost per credit i would calculate? i am planning to do the pre-reqs over 2 semesters, im just taking 2 classes my first semester. its been so long, i dont want to have shell shock! =0)~
    im sooooo nervous! and am in information overload, pre-reqs, aid, taxes...thinking about working and doing this at the same time. its so scary. did you work full time while you were in school?
  5. by   laurah4k
    Check the school's website for the financial aid link. That should send you in the right direction to find how much they charge per credit hour. I have also found most registrars offices to be very helpful. Call up the school's admission office and ask them what the process is for taking classes part time. Im 30+ and just headed back to school after a while. I can be a little confusing!