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    Did anyone out there apply to UNM College of Nursing for admission during Spring 2009 - either to the 2nd degree BSN or Traditional BSN option?

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    I did apply but didnt get in
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    Yeah i applied to UNM CON but i did not get in , but i will try to get for summer!
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    Quote from shan007
    Yeah i applied to UNM CON but i did not get in , but i will try to get for summer!

    Do you know if one needs to submit recommendations again in order to apply for summer?
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    well since the references were apart of the application it likely that we send in more references.

    do you know how many people they accept each semester?
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    Ohh... It will be embarrasing to ask my professors for new references...

    I know for Spring 09 they took 8 students out of 68 applicants. Their preference is NM residents.

    For Summer I think they will take 12, however I am not sure.
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    Good luck guys!

    I'm a NM resident, and UNM CON grad from a year ago. The CON definately prefers NM residents, though I had a few classmates who were not.

    To give you an idea of size, my class was 60+ students. 16 of us were second-degree students; the rest regular 4 year students. I recall for sure only 3 or 4 from out of state, but I didn't really know the whole class well.

    I found it helpful to communicate with an advisor at CON during the whole application process. They were always responsive, and thus I was assured that I was doing the right things. Of course, it also helped that I could show up there once or twice to actually speak with someone face to face.

    Narimanaz, I'm thinking that when you say they took only 8 students, you mean non-residents?
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    Medic09, They took 8 students including residents and non-residents. They had 68 applicants and I think 48 of them were qualified, so they were selecting out of those 48.
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    Good to luck to everyone as they apply! As a side note, I believe that the September 15th application was for both Spring and Summer admission. The next application deadline is February 15th and this is for Fall 2009 admission.
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    Okay, I think I got it figured out. That must be 8 from outside UNM. Most of my classmates had done freshman and sophomore years at UNM. Only a few (in addition to us second-degree folks) came from other colleges.

    That's pretty rough! Good luck!

    You have lots of BSN programs closer to home. Why UNM?

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