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Did anyone out there apply to UNM College of Nursing for admission during Spring 2009 - either to the 2nd degree BSN or Traditional BSN option?... Read More

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    Quote from srn2009
    I was applying for second degree program. BSN programs around here require a lot of prerequisites and do not start until Summer or Fall. I was admitted to NMSU, so I am gonna start there. Its pretty much the same program, however I like UNM better because it is more organized. I will try to apply for Summer to UNM, if I get in I might continue (or start over) at UNM, if not I will continue at NMSU.

    Apply again soon, they may be doing away with the slots reserved for second degree students, and only selecting from one large pool (putting the second degree applicants in with the undergrads).
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    Anyone else out there apply for the aBSN program - Fall 2009?

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