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  1. So I just found out that I did not get accepted to UNM's nursing program I am so upset but was wondering if anyone can offer advice. I have a decent gpa, 3.5, not the highest I know. I also have no nursing experience. I plan on getting my CNA certification before applying next time. Does anyone have any other advice on ways I can improve my chances? Did anyone else apply to UNM CON and not get in the first time, but eventually got in? Any advice or encouraging storys would be so great right now! Thanks
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  3. by   Medic09
    I would pose these very same questions to an academic advisor at CON. Ann Marie or one of the others can guide you. And it will make a good impression that you are determined and looking for a way to do this.

    Good luck!

    from a UNM grad
  4. by   JBudd
    Don't take it personally, there are far more applying than there are spaces for. Totally qualified people get turned away. Do what Medic advises, and don't give up!

    If you're willing to do the ADN route first, I believe the Santa Fe Comm. College may still have some spots open, but I'm not positive about it.
  5. by   Medic09
    Like JBudd says, you might consider an ADN program; if you can get in now. In the time that you'd be waiting to get into UNM, you could do an ADN, start earning some money, and do the rest of the BSN online. Worth considering among your options.
  6. by   BSN_DEC_2006
    U may want to also consider traveling 3 hrs south of Albuquerque and applying to New Mexico State's BSN program. I believe your odds of getting in at State are better than at UNM.

    But, then again, if i had to do it all over again, I probably would have gotten the ADN first and finished the BSN as I was already working as an RN. Honestly, that's probably the best route to getting your BSN, considering our current economic crisis and the large volume of applicants to BSN programs nationwide.