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  1. This is my first post on the website so... hellooo everybody!! My girlfriend and I were out there in the middle of August and absolutely fell in love with the place. We are moving out there after January so I have a few questions about the current nursing situation out there. I am currently participating in the nursing program at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. I sent my application in for the 15 month nursing program at UNM. Did any of you receive your degree from UNM and what do you think about the program. How much clinical experience did you get? and Whats nursing like in the great state of New Mexico?
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    nobody has anything to say???
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    Well, I have had a busy week working. I will write some more tomorrow or so.

    Anyone else have a comment?

    Welcome OutdoorNurse! Honestly, we do get rather chatty some days (and some days we work a lot
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    Hi Outdoor Nurse! Perhaps you and your girlfriend have already moved here. If so, I hope it turns out to be all you hoped. I graduated from UNM. I was involved in the NM Student Nurses' Association and got to talk to students from various programs around the state. I feel I received a good education with adequate clinical experiences. Students from other schools in other states usually had the same complaints/concerns as I had. Once I became a nurse and had the opportunity to work with nurses of different education levels from different parts of the country/world I've decided that I received an excellent education and would recommend the program. My only complaint is that UNM, in general, is not very user friendly.

    Good Luck!