Surgery Technician?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am thinking of completing the surgery technician program at CNM during the wait for the nursing program to start.
    Is anyone a surgery tech? Any advice, or information about it? What else are you guys doing during the two year wait?
    Thanks and God Bless!
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  3. by   gragra1124
    Good luck in your new journey. Lea Regional Medical Center trains the techs in the Operating
    Rooms. I am sure they would be interested to speak to you. Want to relocate to Hobbs?
  4. by   dreamerofnursing
    Awww I would definitely consider it but I have a four year old and need my family's support right now. That's a good idea though, I will have to check with the hospitals and see if they do the same here, or what they recommend. Thanks!
  5. by   nursearends
    hi...not sure if you are still intersted but the program at cnm is great!!! it is low cost ( maybee 2,000) as compared to the rest of the country (about 10,000) and when you graduate you will make roughly 16 dollars an hour. i cannot qoute that but everyone but one person in my class did 2 years ago. i love my job !! i am on the nursing waiting list at cnm. our instructors were verry helpfull and loved what they were doing. the surgical tech program is a year and is not for the faint of heart. you work side by side with surgeons and see amazing things every day. most of the hospitals arround here are looking for "scrub techs" - this is what surgical techs are called. if you wanted to be an or nurse it is a more comfortable transition. here is a web site with more local information: and the national website: