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Hi, I am still a student nurse, currently living in Virginia, but would like to move back to New Mexico after passing the NCLEX (I am from Santa Fe.) I do not speak Spanish, but I realize that would be important to know wome... Read More

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    IHS Loan Replacement will guarantee you a position in Santa Fe (indian hospital), Gallup, or Northern Navajo medical center) There are a few more in the state that are also on the high priority list. Anywho Santa fe's hospital is smaller (39 beds) while Gallup has 99 and NNavajo 55. I am considering these options from Oregon so I thought I'd share my findings hope it helps...oh yeah IHS pays up to $20,000per year with a 2year min so $40,000 is not bad if your in debt. Housing is not included in Santa Fe as far as I know.

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    Thanks for the info Pablodog. Do you happen to have a link or something for this? I appreciate it. I thought about IHS but I haven't had very good info about it.
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    Main Loan Repayment...

    :redpinkheLink to the priority list... MAKE SURE TO CLICK NURSING/LIST BY SCORE

    How priority list works : basically if you choose a site that is ranked 70 or above you are very likely to get your pick...many sites are at the 100 level need (aka your guaranteed, if you get accepted). I am unsure about what these sites are like but I have had experience at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Hands down one of the best facilities I've ever been to, it's a magnet hospital too. But it's cold there so I'm Leary of AK. Anyways hope this helps. The Gallup hospital is large if you are interested in a specialty field v.s. public health type stuff at a smaller hospital. I am hoping for CCU/ICU or med Surg so I may have to consider Gallup. I wanted to be in Santa Fe because it's close to Albuquerque.

    contact a recruiter General Phone: (301) 443-3396. If you are of Native decent you also have a leg up. I'll keep you filled in with what I learn as I apply for this myself. I've done a lot of research and it seems like the best option if you owe a lot of money.
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    Thanks for the info Pablodog!! I do happen to be native, In fact I had my baby in the Santa Fe Indian hospital. I've heard good things about Alaska too, I have an uncle there and thought about it. Is it hard to get into the Alaska hospital? I would LOVE Alaska, I love the cold and the wild! Anyway, I appreciate it and will definately look into this.
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    Alaska is not hard to get are probably golden since you're native. So how was Santa Fe's hospital I may be working there?

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