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  1. Hi, I am considering applying to SFCC and was wondering if the program runs in the summer or if theyhave summers off? Any info would be great I live in Abq and haven't seen advisement yet
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  3. by   jjnRN
    The normal program does not run in the summers only the spring/fall semesters and accepts about 32 people, takes 2 years. The accelerated program starts in the summer and ends the following summer, accepts 8 people holding a B.S. already and takes 16 months.

    The accelerated program starts in the summer then you join the class that started in the spring for the following fall and spring terms then you finish in the following summer. So you start a semester later than the spring semester of that year but finish a semester earlier.

  4. by   pam88
    Thanks! Im gonna apply for the January deadline. Do you know anything about the clinicals? Are they once a week or more?
  5. by   Medic09
    I, myself, don't know; but I'd bet if you contact the nursing program office they can tell what the present schedule is like and whether they expect to be the same.
  6. by   jjnRN
    1st semester is once a week or 1.5 days if you count the night before when you go meet your assignment and get vital info for drug cards and careplan. I start in Jan and this is what we were given for clinical schedule.

  7. by   pam88
    Thanks so much, thats helpful to know. I am hoping to start in August 2010. I am taking the TEAS in about two weeks. Do you know what is considered a "good score"? I am nervous! Did you do anything to study for it?
  8. by   jjnRN
    I think you need 67.5 on the TEAS for a passing score for SFCC, yes study for especially if it has been a while since having sciences including earth sciences up to A&P I. Also need math portion through algebra so study fractions, percentages, and the like. There are a couple of sites that have free practice questions and ATI sells an online practice test. Do a search for TEAS on this site and you will find the web pages with the practice questions. You can take the test 2 times.

    Good luck with everything.
  9. by   JBudd
    As Medic says, give the office a call. Merilee can give you lots of information.