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New Mexico RN's: Hello. I was just contacted by a recruiter about a facility in Roswell...has anyone worked/lived there? How was it? If you don't want to post, PM me with info............... Read More

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    How long have been living in Roswell? I've been here for 2 years, yet I used to in a doctor's office in Roswell as CMA, so I know a little bit about living expenses and pay scale...
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    i'm living in 5-minute walking distance from the hospital and the covenant care center near which all other health facilities are proximately located.

    yes, i want to move out of the town if i can once i get my rn licensure.

    i have been working as a certified medical assistant (not can) at a doctor’s office in roswell, so i have been heard as to how health care workers are paid in this town.
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    Hekc, no, I nevr make tpyos!

    Thanks for the clarification, though.

    Actually, I take it as a given that wages are significantly lower in New Mexico. That's one of the weighty factors in making a decision to relocate to New Mexico. What I am hoping to hear more about is quality of life. But then, even that is different for different people -- and at different stages in life. I have been working as a traveler in California and making incredible money, but I would trade it for a sense of community and a slower pace --- especially on the roads.
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