NMSU Roadrunner or Pathways-HELP!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been reading the threads about NMSU. I beginning to get worried. I am applying to the Roadrunner(Summer09) and Pathways (Fall09).

    So far, I have not been happy w/ the disorganization of their website. They have changed the requirements numerous times. They recently decided they want 3 reference letters. Basically, give me less than a month and a half during the holidays to do so. It has made me question the integrity of the program.

    A fellow classmate turned me onto this program. I live in California. The programs out here are ridiculously competitive and expensive. That is what attracted me to NMSU. The price tuition waiver and less competition. Also, they require less pre-reqs!

    Please help! I have been hoping to get accepted and start in May (hopefully). Is it not worth it????? I'm freaking out!!!!!! Are the online classes not manageable? Do others form study groups? Any successful graduates?

    Also, how do you recommend to prepare for the dosage calculations test and Hesi for NMSU??? I was thinking of taking an online dosage calculation class. I purchased the Saunders Nclex review.

    Confused and worried,
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  3. by   Jaykster
    Hi LSG,
    I'm in the NMSU-Carlsbad RN program. I also moved here from S. cal. Leaving the ocean was a big sacrifice but it's been well worth it. What campus are you applying at?
  4. by   lonestargrl
    I am applying to the Las Cruces program. It will be hard to depart from San Francisco. I would rather pay $15,000 vs. $50,000 here. I didn't know that Carlsbad had a RN program. Do they offer the waiver for in state tuition?
  5. by   Jaykster
    Quote from lonestargrl
    I am applying to the Las Cruces program. It will be hard to depart from San Francisco. I would rather pay $15,000 vs. $50,000 here. I didn't know that Carlsbad had a RN program. Do they offer the waiver for in state tuition?
    They don't offer the waiver at the Carlsbad program, but the out of state tuition is reasonable. I think the Las Cruces program only offers the four year program, Carlsbad is the two year program. The support staff here (secretaries, financial aid) are incredible. The program itself is challenging but if your willing to do the work, the instructors are more than willing to help. Email me at jaykhernandez@msn.com if you have any more questions.
    Good Luck!
  6. by   w2bhappy
    lonestargrl.....Did you decide? Im desperate and glad to know Im not the only one who wants answers. Im in Oregon and considering the move. Just found out today Im accepted in the Roadrunner program. I should be happy but very nervous and dont know what to do after reading the reviews. Tuition and climate are my main motivation...and getting my RN in only 16 mo. Other school I applied was Colorado Springs which may be $30-50K for the same program and they dont honor the WUE. Ive already spent over $100 to apply there and feel like all they want is my $$, which I dont have. I think the accel BSN is what I want but now Im worried about the commitment. Are you going to do it?
  7. by   lonestargrl
    Wow, you have already found out! I thought we would not know until the end of the month. I have not heard anything yet. I'm so nervous. I have talked to 2 people in the program (RR and Pathways). They say it's not easy and not very organized. Although, they say most nursing programs are like that. It's nursing school. I would accept the offer. The tuition cost and cost of living is cheap compared to other places. I live in the Bay area and it's super competitive and expensive. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck!
  8. by   w2bhappy
    Well I guess your right. I just called after receiving my 2nd acceptance letter, this one was what I thought from the program and the 1st, was from the university in general. This 2nd letter informed me Im eligible for the WUI and lists me as a pre-nursing student. I guess Ill wait for a 3rd letter then make a decision. I applied for roadrunner which means I would have to move very soon. I am so overwhelmed and have spent months on the computer to figure this out. Every school gives me the runaround and has diff. requirements, such a pain.
    I just want to know where Im going. Thanks for responding and good luck to you. Ill let you know what happens.
  9. by   JBudd
    I've lived in the Bay area and was very glad to come home to New Mexico. Pace of life is different, but we do have a lot to offer. Being nervous about any change is normal! Come on out and you'll likely fall in love with the place.
  10. by   w2bhappy
    Thanks for the encouragement and positive note Jbudd. Just found out today I have been accepted and need to move from Oregon before May. If I do go, which I am seriously considering and need to decide very soon, Im hoping to find this little place in NM to be an unknown treasure. I do love the SW. Im definitely nervous about the change but I know change is good and I need it.
  11. by   lonestargrl
    im really frustrated right now w/ nmsu. ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously! here is the first email and second email. can someone please help w/ this? they sent this to me friday evening. thanks, for ruining my weekend. i'm just very bitter right now. they have changed their protocol numerous times. they expect me to go there 2.5 months ealrly to take a drug test and admissions test then wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who do they think they are? the only reason i want to go there is for the cheap tuition and rent.

    you are an alternate for the summer roadrunner bsn program. this notification is in conjunction with a hardcopy that has been sent via regular mail service.

    please read the attached documents very carefully.

    please ignore the previous e-mail concerning your status in the roadrunner bsn program. we realized after we had already sent it out that the documents following the cover letter were incorrect. this message is your notification of your status in the program. ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really dont want to be in the accelerated program. i would rather do the 2 year program. i have heard nothing positive about the online program. it might be more helpful to ahve face time w/ an instructor. if i qualify as an alt for the rr program then i should qualify for the pathways 2 year program. i'm having my doubts about the credibility of this program.

  12. by   bibibi
    They can make an exception to your arrival to New Mexico. They are very helpful if you work with them.
  13. by   lonestargrl
    make what exception????

    at this point i question there professionalism. i was sent an email only to say i'm an alternate. then a following email saying that's incorrect. why didn't they just place me in the pathways program? i applied for both. if i can qualify for the fatrack then place me in the other. rather than telling me i'm an alt. i'm also mad that they just are now telling me i have to take a drug test by april 9th and admissions test. i knew i would have to do both, but not a month and a half before. they expect me to fly there just for their test. then sit around until may 1st to wait and see if they still want me. i have a job and apartment i need to figure out what to do with. i have to vent b/c it has been a struggle just trying to apply to this place, they have changed their application 4 times since i considered their school. people have quit that gave me advice,etc.
  14. by   bibibi
    Try calling them