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    I am new here and I find this site quite interesting. I am a 21 year old male nursing student. I was curious to see if anyone could tell me about the Carlsbad Nursing program. I was recently enrolled in the ENMU Nursing program in Roswell and had a horrible experience as did many others. Horrible attrition rate, mockery of students, unprofessionalism, and bias towards sex/race. With that being said many of us "transfer" students are afraid to even pursue Nursing ;however i am not in this category.

    So if anyone has any experience with Carlsbad/NMSU I would appreciate information you can give me on it. I am looking forward to the experience but I def. do not want to waste my time again. It is already bad enough that most of my credits will not transfer :S ---

    Please give any input you can! thank you!
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    Hi Sorry to hear you had such a hard time in Roswell... I attended NMSU-C in 2001 (yeah, it's been awhile! lol) and took the majority of my pre-nursing classes there, and had a nice experience. Don't know if this will help or not, seeing as I didn't take the actual nursing program, but I wish you luck... definitely don't get discouraged!! It is probably too out of the way, but NMJC in Hobbs (where I got my RN) has a wonderful program if NMSU-C doesn't work out for you.
    Hope everything works out!

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