New Mexico Shortage???

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    Hello, I am excited to be starting an ADN program this fall, but I'm scared about my prospects when I get out. I've searched a lot of places I am just wondering if any of you know how the shortage is in New Mexico, are there still new grad posistions available specifically in Albequerque? I am hopeing to get out of the state I'm in as soon as I pass the boards and NM looks great to me!

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    New Mexico has a high demand for Nurses and considered a "poor" state. The job prospects for nurses in NM seems limitless. Albuquerque being the largest city in NM certainly would welcome any nurse.
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    There seems to be some disagreement about whether or not there is still a nursing shortage in NM. Another poster recently mentioned that recruiters are getting hundreds of applications a day. Looking at the hospitals' Web sites, it looks like there are some openings, but nothing like last year. And I'm guessing a new grad is at a major disadvantage. Drop out of nursing school and look for a job as a bureaucrat in the new socialist system?
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    RD Congo:

    ...too funny!!!.. ....but, serious at the same time.
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    this is something i was looking forward to I too will be a rn and wanted to move down to NM by this time next year
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    Lol @ Conga
    It sure is difficult to be a new grad in these times.
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    A couple of things to remember!! 1st there are PLENTY of staff positions in NM. BUT beware of the cultural shock. If you are a male nurse you will have less problems in the bigger cities. 2nd Keep an open mind and don't let the problems get you down in the smaller hospitals. Pay is generally better in the LTC setting and you have a steady paycheck compaired to the hospital settings where you are called off etc.
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    what is the pay in long term care around farmington?

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