moving to abq in August - thinking about nursing school

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    Hi all. My hubby is in the military and I just found out we will be moving (back!) to Albuquerque this year (I met him while I was an undergrad at UNM).

    Way back when, I did most of the prereqs in the BSN program at UNM and then changed my major. Now, I am considering applying to the accel BSN program if I can fit it into our assignment length.

    My big worry is that I really need to make a decision that nursing is the right choice. I almost went into the program once at UNM; I did a quarter and a week of an LPN program after I graduated and moved and then decided I did not want to be an LPN - I always was interested in areas that I have heard LPNs don't get to work in (true or not - I was not interested in LTC or M/S and that is what the grads of my program were doing). Soo...I finally convinced myself that I did not want to be a nurse (and had a nice laundry list of reasons why), and then it started dragging me back again. That old "calling" thing.....

    I am afraid I am more into the idea of nursing than nursing itself, if that makes sense. So I need to dose myself with some reality.

    Can you give me any ideas as to how I can try to really figure this out? I know everyone says to work as a CNA but maybe you could offer insight about, say, where to work as a CNA, or maybe just where to volunteer, or something else....Being a CNA does not really thrill me, but my only experience with that was that one quarter of LPN in LTC where we did bathing, feeding, checking feeding tubes, etc... on patients that were pretty much unable to care for themselves at all. So it might be different in a different setting ( I would assume I'd be doing other things like ambulating postop pts etc...) Any ideas besides CNA or volunteering? HUC? ER tech?

    What setting? I have heard all sorts of conflicting opinions about the hospitals - the only one I have heard nothing neg about is Pres.

    I am starting to ramble on now, but all of a sudden this is real (we did not know if we were actually going to move), and I have to figure myself out. My husband has reached his limit on my indecision about school and as he, mostly on his own, paid back my student loans from my BS, has pretty much said - you can do what you want but MAKE SURE it is what you want and you will want to work at that job when you graduate.

    My other path may be the RRT program at TVI, which cost and time wise is about even. Honestly the RRT program scares me much less than getting through nursing school, but man oh man, I just cannot decide. I am trying not to let fear be my guide - if I give in to fear I am going to do an MA course (and probably be frustrated in a matter of months though right now it sounds like fun and totally not intimidating).

    Help? I know this is more of a general nursing question but I am hoping to get Abq specific ideas too.

    Thank you so much!!
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  3. by   elizabetta
    OK the first thing I would do would be to relax and start gathering information and talking to the schools you are interested in. Have an prerequisites changed? Is there a waiting list for any programs? Second I would make a pros and conc list for each of the programs and see what you come up with. I wouldn't reccomend any medical field unless your heart is really in it other wise it will just drain you. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. by   work4choc

    I requested the packet from UNM today for the accelerated BSN program.

    I don't think I am going to consider TVIs program because I would have to repeat Bio 237, 238, 239, 247, 248, and anything else (i forget the rest) because I graduated UNM in 97 and took all of those prenursing classes between 92 and 94.

    UNM (unless they have changed it since 2 yrs ago) simply requires that 9 credits be less than - I think - 8 years old. I am planning on taking the combined patho plus A&P 1 and 2 online, and then finding a pharm course online. Hopefully that will cover it, as I took all of the other prereqs way back and had only N240 and N238 (patho 2 and pharm) left to go.

    Apollo College has a RN program and I think Pima is going to launch one too, but from what I have read, they are going to run about $30,000 for the program. yikes!

    I just need to do something to make my final decision on the career path I want to take, and I am sure there is something in Abq that I can do to help me along but I just don't know what right now.
  5. by   ABQLNDRN
    I am graduating from UNM CON in three weeks. If there's any way I can help you, let me know, and I will forward my e-mail address to you. Mara
  6. by   work4choc
    Hi Mara


    Right now I don't have anything specific really to ask about the program, but may as the time gets closer.

    Thanks for your offer of help and congratulations again on your accomplishment! Do you have a position lined up yet? What type of nursing will you be working in/want to work in?
  7. by   mrsalby

    I know this reply may be a little late. I too am married to military and moved to ABQ. I initially wanted UNM's PA program and I changed and went to nursing instead and will continue to work towards my NP.

    I work as a nurse extern and we have RT's assigned to our floor and I find they are very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel as though I might become a little bored or yearning for more variety than what I have seen with "our" RT's duties. I commend their work, work ethic and compassion. It just wouldn't be for me.

    Anyway, I found that moving to ABQ and being fresh and new knocked the heck out of my patience because of TVI's ( now CNMCC) waiting list. It would be 2-3 years before I would START the nursing program. I applied to Santa Fe Community College Nursing Program and was accepted and now I commute to their facility. I believe you would be able to apply with what you have 5 or 8 year limit on classes. They accept apps every semester-no waiting list. They accept students based on GPA and points for various things.

    I have found the program to be very challenging but rewarding. SFCC program is also highly commended and the graduates are received very well into the working RN world. As far as the hasn't been to bad because the school is on the south end of Santa Fe and we live on the westside of ABQ. Some of our clinical sites are at UNM and Presby in ABQ.

    Good luck with your decision and keep in mind that with a nursing license, you can go into sooooo many different fields and type of work that is different than what you previously experienced. Also, as you move with your hubby you will always be able to find a job.

    Good luck
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