HESI Entrance Exam for ITT-Tech

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    I was wondering if anyone has taken the HESI entrance exam for the nursing program at ITT-Tech. I am set to take it next Friday and I am really nervous and unsure of what to expect. Rachel at ITT told me that there are going to be the following questions:

    25 Chemistry
    25 A & P
    25 Biology
    55 Math
    55 Grammar & Vocabulary
    55 Reading Comprehension

    I have the Admission Assessment Study Guide but it does not cover a lot of A&P, Bio or Chem. I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.

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    Hey there, I have heard the hesi is similar to the teas. I would go to borders and they should have a study guide from Mcgraw Hill that is pretty good (lots of practice tests). Also, try the website testprepreview.com, they have tons of practice tests. They might have a section for hesi, if not I would study their section on the teas test. When did Itt tech open a nursing program?? We're getting so many private colleges in abq, hopefully it helps lessen the wait at cnm
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    They are starting this summer with their first class. I am hoping to make it in to that one. Thanks for the website and the suggestion for the book...I will go and get it.
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    I passed the test and I am officially in nursing school!
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    Congrats!! Southwind. I'm taking the ITT hesi this Friday. Wish me luck and oh yeah did you go to the study sessions they offer or what did you use to prepare ? Any advice would be great I'm so nervous and flew out from Ca for this!
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    I wish you the best of luck. Are you taking it here in Albuquerque? I did go to the review session here and it was a big help except for the A & P portion....the lady did nothing but talk about test taking strategies...so my advice on that is to go to this website and print the tests....they are general science....but great! It is what I studied by! http://www.testprepreview.com/nursing_practice.htm If you are taking it here and get in to the program....let me know and we can get together! My e-mail is southwind720@yahoo.com I hope you do well!
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    Miah_5_0: Thanks a million...that website you gave me really helped....it is all that I used to study and it was great!!!
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    You're welcome! Congrats on getting in!
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    thanks yes I'm taking it here in abq !! I went to the review and will test Friday I will keep you posted.
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    Good Luck! I really hope you do well! Will keep you in my thoughts!:spin:

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