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  1. I was originally licensed in Texas. When I moved to New Mexico six years ago, I got a New Mexico license. Now that New Mexico will no longer be in the compact, do I have to reapply? I did the background check, fingerprints, the whole deal and I have a New Mexico nursing license. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ballstonspa

    New Mexico has pre-filed legislation to join the "Enhanced Nurse Compact". The New Mexico SBON hopes that this bill will pass through congress quickly (in a few days), so that all current New Mexico RNs will be grandfathered into the new Enhanced Compact. Congress has until January 19,2018 to do this, as that is when the Enhanced Compact becomes official. If the NM bill is passed, then you will not need to do anything with your New Mexico license, and it will be good in 27 other states.

    Colorado is also attempting to quickly pass the Enhanced Compact. Vermont has introduced a bill for Enhanced Compact status, and the Minnesota SBON also seems to support joining the compact. In a few years your NM license may be good in 40 states.

    Finally-how exciting for all of us! I hope this info helps.
  4. by   chare
    The only impact on your license from NM leaving the NLC is that you will lose multi-state privileges. If you live in NM, and are currently licensed there, this will not affect your ability to work in NM. Nor will you need to reapply for licensure.
  5. by   ballstonspa
    Just noticed that the New Mexico BON website has a very thorough explanation of the Enhanced Compact.