CNM Nursing program to expand...still waiting???

  1. so, i have applied to cnm's nursing program and was accepted spring term 2010. i was told that my start date letter was on its way very soon with a sooner start date than i had orginally anticipated due to the recent changes to the waiting list. i have heard they are expanding and reducing the current wait. well... i still haven't received my letter. i spoke with the director and she stated she was re-working things so that i should start much sooner. that was about 3 weeks ago. still no letter. has anyone else been accepted but still waiting for their start date??? has anyone heard anything or in the same situation?? any feedback would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!!
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  3. by   yooper13
    I've also been playing the waiting game--just today I got an email stating that I should start summer 2011 (LPN program--I know it's a shorter wait than RN), and that I should have received my admission letter by now (I didn't). Just try to be patient--I know they have been re-working things so it's taking longer than usual for the scheduling/etc.
  4. by   DawnJ
    So what happened? I just started my pre-reqs at CNM and am nervous since I just talked to some established RNs who said that even with the new way of admitting (ranked by GPA and HESI II score) there is still a 2 year waiting list. I'm really hoping their info is outdated since I'm an excellent student and was counting on getting in pretty quickly