Clovis Community College..Spring 2011 - page 2

Hey all! I'm just curious if anyone else is taking any online classes at Clovis this semester? I'm taking Medical Terminology, Chemistry, and APII.. I just wanted to see if anyone else was in my... Read More

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    Oh it is going well. The quizzes are not time. The exam is 65 mins but you must at least read the material or listen to presentation. Love this class comparing to the others I am taking at Edukan. Classroom participation is not required like posting and stuff.

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    oh ok sounds something that I can do I'm probably taking it in the Fall 2011
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    I would like to know how your classes went in A&P II and Microbiology at Clovis Community College. I am planning on taking both in the Fall 2011. Is it hard? What do I have to buy? Are the exams proctered? Are they transferable? How much $ did you spend on each class? Thank you I hope you can answer my questions.
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    It was not bad the quiz was not time but you really have to study for the exam. I bought the text book that was it the lab was great!!!! I did not to Microbiology. My one class was $183.

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