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  1. My wife is trying to choose between Apollo nursing school in Albuquerque (10K per semester) or Gallup UNM nursing program (5k for 4 semesters). If she goes to Gallup she will have to commute two hours each way. Once out on Monday and once back on Friday afternoon. Is it worth it to Apollo? The program is so new here that they don't have any graduated yet. They are accredited but not as an official "university" Going to Apollo will hamper later BSN pursuit, and UNM Gallup will be a hardship on her. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to manage this? Is it worth the extra 15k it will cost to go to Apollo?
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  3. by   kenny b
    I'm having the same dilemma. Then you throw the Pima opportunity into the mix and it really gets complicated.

    This is heresay, so take it for what it's worth. I had a classmate in a biology class at CNM who said that some of the clinical nursing students from Apollo had to be put through a 6-week remedial training program because they lacked the basics.

    My experience with them so far (just been through the orientation and initial tests, etc.) has not been great. They are disorganized. Appointments are often not kept on time and sometimes they are not kept at all. In fact I was just there today and there was a student who seemed to have an appointment with the financial aid dept. She needed her check to make a rent payment. The appointment was apparently blown off and she was up the creek for the weekend. They were all apologies, but it was not resolved as of the time I left. There were financial aid folks in the building when she arrived and they left before 5.

    Also, consider that there are 30 students per class at Apollo and 16 at Pima (I know you didn't mention Pima, but it might be worth considering - They have a great reputation in Mesa, AZ.

    As to the money. They say there is a ton of scholarship money out there, and the hospitals are recruiting from within the classrooms and offering sign-on bonuses before graduation!

    Just my take. Stay in touch and let me know what you all decide.

    Kenny B
  4. by   mrsalby
    Hey Folks,

    If you are trying to find a school with opportunity before the CNM petition and wait list, also consider Santa Fe CC. I grad from there in May and was VERY pleased with their program. I commuted from ABQ. They accept applications March and October for the following semester (Spring or Fall) so there is no wait list. The pass rate is high as well for NCLEX. cost run about 6-900 a semester with books. let me know if you have any questions.

  5. by   aainme
    having worked in a few places in the country, i have never been asked about my graduation from a community college....the only thing anyone ever asked for was my nursing license....when you have your RN the how and where is not important....i have met people that think graduation from an expensive school is prefered....that is just crazy, all nursing schools have a pass/fail ratio, if the nurses can't pass the nclex they will be forced to shut down the program.... good luck on your classes, we need lots of new nurses:spin: