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Hello all! I was beyond excited to hear about Albuquerque's newly aquired Pre-Licensure BSN program with Grand Canyon University and Presbyterian Hospital. I am attending the open house and... Read More

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    i have been going to cnm for the last five years doing all my pre-reqs for the nursing program, after being on a waiting list for 1 1/2 years i fanally started level one last semester, i was very disappointed with the program, there is just no help at all from the instructors. I did not pass and now i have to wait AGAIN for them to call me to retake the level. They got rid of the waiting list but now they have anoher one for students that are already on the program! i have been doing alot of research on the nursing programs that we have here in Albuquerque, Pima, Carrington, and now Grand Canyon. I was wondering if anyone call tell me if i would have any problems finding a job at another state if i was to go to Grand Canyon. I would like to go there since im just wasting my time waiting for cnm to let me know when i can start again. And FYI! CNM has increased their passing grade, now you have to pass with a 75%, two semesters ago it was a 71% and this is due to grads not passing their boards!

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    wow, sorry to post this so late in the thread. Guzzling Green Tea summed it up perfectly I could not have said it myself better!

    This is a blessing in many ways. It should open up the admissions process in terms of UNM vs GCU and more qualified candidates should be accepted (my impression is that plenty of qualified BSN candidates have been denied admission due to nothing short of a 4.0 in pre-reqs).

    I moved to ABQ from Buffalo, NY and the level of competition and low acceptance rates is VERY frustrating. There are 6 BSN programs and 10-12 ADN programs in the Buffalo, NY metropolitan area (MTA). Travel 150 miles away and there are 12-17 ADN programs and 5 additional BSN programs. In comparison, the Buffalo NY MTA is 1,135,509 vs ABQ MTA at 887,077.

    Just glad to see another horse in a previously one horse town.
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    Hi! I know this post is pretty old but....I was hoping that you could help me out. When can I apply to the gcu program and is the cost still the same to your knowledge? I have the prereqs I would just love to get into a bsn program.... Did you attend the program? If so how was it? Thanks any info will help....Thanks!
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    I chose not to attend the GCU program due to I could not afford the cost of the program and I was accepted into another nursing program- so I can't fill you in on any details.

    Best of luck to you COr7
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    Quote from medicmatt44
    I chose not to attend the GCU program due to I could not afford the cost of the program and I was accepted into another nursing program- so I can't fill you in on any details.

    Best of luck to you COr7

    Just out of curiosity which program did you end up going with? I am going to apply to santa fe community college, GCU, and maybe UNM again..... I am currently work at pres. so I was hoping that maybe GCU, since they are in conjunction with pres., might help me out. Who knows though!

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    I really liked the time frame of the GCU program, but I couldn't afford the tuition- even with an extremely generous scholarship offer

    x2 application with x2 rejection to UNM Main with a cumulative 3.63 and overall 4.0 in pre-reqs.

    I am currently enrolled in an ADN program at UNM Valencia in Los Lunas.
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    I have heard good things about UNM Valencia! Yeah I'm over getting into to UNM haha. Hopefully I can find out exactly how much GCU costs with aid and everything.... Ultimately cost will determine where I go...

    Good luck with everything!
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    Thats awesome that you have heard good things about the UNM Valencia program. I think that the admissions are going to get more competitive once the word really gets out.

    Previous healthcare experience is an absoulte requirement for admission, which I completely agree with.

    Good luck with GCU! Like I said, I really like their program but couldn't afford it. UNM- Valencia should start accepting applications siometime in Feb or March. PM me and I fill you in if you're interested

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