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Advice Please

  1. 0 hi everyone i am hoping someone may be able to help me with some advice. i am a new rn, i passed boards in december 2007. i have only had one position since then and it was for about 2 months, one month of classroom/orientation stuff and on month with actual patients. i was since placed on leave to find another position but i have not found anything yet, within the same facility. even though there are lots and lots of positions open. i get this gut feeling that something that was not true was said about me in that facility but i cannot prove it. i am so frustrated and depressed, i have children to take care of and i am a single mon. i love nursing and i wasnt to work more than anything. i have applied for jobs all ove the state and i get no where. i have called recruiters, no call back. i am sick of everone talking about the shortage and then there is me who wants to learn and work so badly but i am never given a chance. i don't know what to do, are there any others out there going through the same thing? should i go to the eeoc? i have talked to the hr manager but again i have gotten no response from him. i apply to this company on almost a daily basis, last night i applied for 15 different positions and all i get are emails back stating i was not selected for the job.

    i will listen to anyone's advice. what do i do, how do i get the experience if no one will give me a chance?

    thank you
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    have you tried working for an agency?
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    thank you for your reply. all of the agencies i have called or researched all want 1 year or more experience. i do not have any experience other than the 2 months at my previous employer and the 6 months i did as a gn in 2006. i am really lost and confused. i want so badly to work.

    thanks again
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    I had a similar experience. I went to work as a new grad at a large hospital and stuck it out for 5 months in a unit I did not like. It got to the point where I had this awful feeling every day before I went to work. I interviewed in-house for a few different positions, and then decided to switch to another facility.

    However, it took awhile to get hired. I would call HR and get nowhere. Finally, I called the unit director for the position posted and asked if they would consider hiring a (virtual) new grad. This is how I got my current position - a MUCH better fit.

    Keep looking. Something great is just around the corner.

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