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ABQ VA Hospital?

  1. 0 I have 2 years Critical Care/Step Down experience, and am considering applying to the VA. Does anyone have experience at the Albuquerque VA hospital? What's the work environment, staff-patient ratio and quality of resources for nurses there? How do the docs treat us? Also, how do they schedule--the VA boasts "flexible" scheduling with paid holidays, etc. but given it's a 24 hour acute care facility, how may hours and days a week do you really work? Do you get shift differentials and overtime pay?
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    I didn't work at the VA but did clinicals there. In the ICU the pt ratio was 1-2 depending on acuity. The doc/rn interaction that I observed was good, they have a lot of interns/residents and most I seen accepted input from the rn about the pt. Not sure on differentials and OT but i know they don't get flexed for low census. Hope this helps
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    I did my precept on the Telemtry floor at nights. While I was there, the RN and I had 6 to 8 patients. Most were stable but we had two who were a challenge and therefore, we're close to the nurses station.
    I was told from friends who work there that they work 36 hours a week but have to work an extra 8 hour shift. They do get paid time and a half plus any extra hours they work.
    I must tell you, the workload can be a challenge and difficult at times. If you do work there ask a lot of questions.
    As for the Dr's and nurses. There are a lot of Resident Dr's and they do work well with the nurses. From what I have seen.
    Finally, it takes a while to get on at the VA. They do extensive Background checks and even if you do get an interview, that too takes awhile. The key here is, be patient. I couldn't wait because my Background was extensive due to the fact that I grew up overseas most of my life. Instead I took a position at Presbyterian.
    Good luck n your new venture!