2011 Job Search in Albuquerque

  1. 1 :heartbeatHi everyone,

    Is there anyone currently looking for a job in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area that can share your story? Anyone hired on at the new hospital in Rio Rancho? Please list your experience level as well as your hiring story.

    I am seeking emloyment as an RN in an acute care setting. So far have sent out a ton of applications and no call backs yet. I have my New Mexico compact license as well as over a year on a tele/stepdown unit and I have strong academic background. I'm looking for advice on which hospitals are better employers. Sofar it seems like Pres is impossible to get into. They told me their interview process takes MONTHS to complete. This seems really daunting to me.

    This is a post for new grads, vet nurses, anyone to post or vent your struggles or success stories with your 2011 job search in new mexico. Thanks in advance for replying. I wish all of you the best

    "I am a little pencil in the hands of a writing God sending a love letter to the world". Mother Teresa :heartbeat
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    Hi Emily
    Thanks for the PM. I dont have enough posts to write you back . I had a phone screening the other day after applying to a nonspecific RN position. It seemed to go well now i am waiting for then to get back with me to schedule something when I am in Albuquerque. How/ where was your interview? Do you live in NM if not where are you relocating from ?
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    I'm getting closer to the coveted PM ability! I'm not sure which facility they called about, the recruiter just asked about my general interests. I said med/surg or ER if they took new grads.
    That's odd that they would list the job as full time and then change it to PRN. Although I know plently of people who are PRN in name and work full time hours.
    What was your impression of Presbyterian ?
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    Pres is pursuing Magnet Status so they definitley are a place that nurses should consider. Overall they seem to be a great place to work, with a big interest in Evidence-based practice and new technology. I have been really impressed sofar with the people I have met there. Have you tried to apply directly to the hospitals you are interested in?
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    Quote from perkygyrl81
    That's odd that they would list the job as full time and then change it to PRN. Although I know plently of people who are PRN in name and work full time hours.
    Generally people who are hired as per-diem/prn nurses don't get benefits so it doesn't necessarily mean you have to work part-time. If a unit just doesn't have a high enough census, it's not in their best interest to commit to a pointed position. It happens everywhere I suppose. And it's just easier/cheaper in general to hire on someone without having to offer benefits.
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    Did you decide on your job options? I was able to finally visit last week. Albuquerque seems really fun!

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