Will I survive Felicain college?

  1. So I was just accepted as a transfer student to Felician College!!

    I'm very excited and nervous and hope I can hack it!

    I wanted to see if anyone here attended Felician or know anything about it, and whether you can give me some advice on how to survive and what to expect.
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  3. by   Dumplins

    never heard anything of the program. but good luck!

    also this NJ section is kind of dead. i dont know how many responses you'll probably get.
  4. by   nando99
    Hey! I went to Felician College and recently graduated in May. I am also working at HUMC and will soon work in the ETD. I guess we will be co-workers! Are u still working at HUMC ETD? I starting sometime in Sept but will be on days for a lil then going on nights. Im Fernando btw, nice to meet you
  5. by   nando99
    Yeah! Im not sure if u heard about the new graduate nurse residency program...I am one of then new nurses who they hired. I did an externship last summer in the ED and loved it. I dont have private messaging idk why.