waiting list for Trinitas Hospital School of Nursing / Newark area nursing schools?

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    Hi, everyone:

    I live in Newark, currently I am studying for a professiona license required by the job. I will be done in the Summer, I wish to go into nursing program in September. But I heard there is naturally average 2 -year waiting list for nursing programs? I am really worried.

    I have a BA in other field already. I am thinking going to a community college ASD. Those acceralted programs requires full-time, and is not possible for me. Tuition is also a big issue, I cannot afford to go to private schools like Seton Hall, Bloomfiled, nor public schools like Rutger. Also I worked during the day, so I cannot go to Essex County College either, they only have day program.

    My question is: I mostly interested in Trinitas Hospital school of nursing. Anybody know any waiting list there at Union County College?

    BTW, I need to take almost all the pre-rquisite courses, so if there is a waiting list, can I take these pre-requisites during waiting time? or do I have to wait to take these courses too?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    i have just been admitted to trinitas nursing , there is no waiting list to enter the program. i think you only need a minimum GPA 2.0 to get into the program since you already have a BA. i think we are in the boat, i do have a degree BA in chemistry as well and will be taking my first nursing class in the fall.did you check middlesex county college? they do have a evening class for the program and you can attend part time too.
    another plus about trinitas is that you can take you pre-req along with the nursing class.
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    That is great news to hear. Thanks damode. Maybe I will meet you in the future class.
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    How is the nursing program at trinitas? I currently go to Muhlenberg and i don't really like it. Help
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    i will be starting the nursing program in the fall so i cant really say much about it yet.i do have some classmates that started and they think its not so bad, just requires a lot of READING. i did take a walk around the nursing dept lastweek and i saw a lot of student in the lab practising on their skills.at that moment i felt like i was in the right place.....
    so are you planning on transfering to trnintas?

    take care
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    i was actually accepted but chose Muhlenberg but i think it's as expensive just looking for a community college which is cheaper.
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    I also live in Newark and will be starting the nursing courses in September at Trinitas.

    Starting this year September 2004 - Essex County College will be starting a night program for nursing students. This program is long overdue - BUT! Here is the catch with Essex Counties program-

    1. You must take an entrance exam which they only give once per year in September( they have a book that you can buy for 30 dollars )
    2. You can only enroll in September(they do not have a rolling calendar)

    I suggested this program because living in Essex County you will not have to pay the out of county tuition.

    Won't hurt to atleast check it out....
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    thanks for the information. i 'll call the school to have them change my status from day- evening student. i think i will be charged out of state cos i reside in union.
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    I just graduated from Trinitas this past January. Trinitas is a great school...it's a really hard program and we complained a lot while we were going through school, but in the end, while I was taking the NCLEX I was sitting there thinking "Wow, these questions are easy compared to the ones we had at school". They prepare you really well for the NCLEX.

    As far as the pre-requisites, I recommend taking those first before you take the nursing classes. With NURE 130 and 131, you could possibly take some other classes with it, but once you get into 132 there's no way you can take any other classes. It's a LOT of work. Some people can do it, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. Also, try to do really well in your pre-reqs because Trinitas offers a scholarship for when you start 231. If your GPA is over a 3.0, your tuition for 231 and 232 will be paid plus they give you $500 for books from the bookstore (you can buy anything that has to do with nursing). I did hear that there is a waiting list to start, but I'm not sure how long the waiting list is, though...

    Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck!
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    congratulations !!!!!!! you made it.
    i 'm happy to read that trinitas does prepare student well for the NCLEX. would you recommend new students to get the nclex book as a study guide?
    which of the nursing courses is the toughtest of them all? just curious.

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