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  1. Hello everyone,

    Can anyone please tell me what the Staff Nurse interview is like at UMDNJ Newark, particularly for a new nurse?

    I have conducted a search for this topic but only get information about UMDNJ's CNRA interview. I am a new graduate nurse and have an interview next week. Unlike the other interviews I have been on, I will be interviewing with Nurse Managers on the L&D unit and will not meet a Nurse Recruiter first.

    Does anyone remember what types of questions they ask?

    I would appreciate your help!

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  3. by   nycNurse2b
    Congrats on the interview!

    Since you say its with the L&D manager, I would be prepared to answer L&D-sppecific questions. KNow about the common drugs used on an L&D floor, why do you want to work on L&D, etc.

    Very best of luck to you. I met a UMDNJ recruiter at a job fair and she seemed to really like me and put a big star on the top of my resume, but alas, I havent heard from them, despite my follow-ups!

    So, anyway, I am going to live vicariously thru you...good luck and post back how it went!!!
  4. by   jazzy25
    I'm in the same situation. i also have an interview next week at umdnj. any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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    Ugh, it has been over a year since I took maternity nursing and I took NCLEX in April, I will study up on some L&D. I had an interview at NY Presbyterian and the only position the recruiter had was oncology. I really studied oncology from my NCLEX review books and about NYP Cancer Centers but was never asked a single oncology question by the Patient Care Director.

    But I will go over newborn and postpartum assessment and Agpar.

    I'm sorry you haven't heard back from UMDNJ yet, nycNurse2b. But don't give up hope! I handed my resume to a recruiter for a Brooklyn hospital at a job fair in March. She called me for an interview just this month and said she kept my resume in her folder.

    Apply online to the UMDNJ website, that's what I did.
  6. by   jazzy25, did u graduate with a BSN. I am also going to start looking over stuff. good luck
  7. by
    Hi Jazzy,

    Are you also interviewing for labor and delivery or another department? Also, which of their hospitals is it? We can commiserate!
  8. by   jazzy25
    Hi i am a nurse,

    yes i have an interview for L N D for UMDNJ AT NEWARK. Are you a new grad? Im a little nervous since i haven't read anything about maternity since my second nursing class.
  9. by
    Hi Jazzy,

    I spoke to a friend in California who is a Nurse Manager in L&D and she said she doesn't quiz new grads on clinical knowledge. She assumes we new grads don't know much and doesn't think it will be held against us. I spoke to all my friends who have gotten jobs and no one was asked specific "what to do if" questions, even my friend who scored a job at a big hospital n the ER which she said looks for a specific personality. I am going to glance at some maternity, but I am not going to stress out about it. We don't know the interview questions, it seems like a lot of the Nurse Manager interview is about chemistry and if she thinks you'll fit in.

    And in response to your earlier question, yes, I have a BSN. Do you?
  10. by
    I had the interview yesterday and I honestly don't know how it went. For those of you who are going to interview at University Hospital for a Staff Nurse position, let me give you a heads up. I was told on the phone by the recruiter who set up the interview that one or two Nurse Managers may be present.

    I walked into a room with a long conference table, I sat in the middle and 7 different staff from all levels--a few Nurse Managers, a staff Nurse, a Charge Nurse, a Nurse Educator--were there to interview me.

    It was awkward being the center of attention in front of a what seemed like a hiring committee. They did go around the room to introduce themselves, but I only remembered the main Nurse Manager's name and title. No one wore name tags or ID badges with their names. It was a little disorganized as sometimes people would talk at the same time asking you a question.

    I could tell that some of them liked what I had to say and I was able to make them laugh. Some people were nodding as I talked. But others were mute the entire interview.

    It is hard to tell where you stand in a group interview. I have never heard of one for a New Graduate Nurse interview. Is this how all Staff Nurses are hired at UMDNJ University Hospital?

    For those of you who have had a similar interview or an interview at UH, how do they make decisions? I would assume the Nurse Manager of the specific department you are applying to makes the ultimate decision. Or is it a group-vote type of decision process?
  11. by   jazzy25
    i am a nurse,
    i know how you feel. i had the interview yesterday and i felt very awkward being surrounded by all those women asking you question. I dont know how the interview went. The nurse manager said that the new RN'S are going to be cross trained to all 3 units. Thats why all those other nurse managers were there. Lets just cross our fingers that everything went well. Did they tell you by when they were going to start calling people back if they got the job or not? Before you asked if i had my BSN, I don't i have my associates. Im currently attending school for my BSN.

    Good Luck
  12. by
    Hi, Jazzy!

    I had the interview yesterday, too. They didn't tell me by when they would make a decision. I think I remember her saying that if selected, HR will call with information about bringing your credentials and filling out forms. This interview was so different than the other ones I have been on. Usually I get told the benefits and the salary differentials plus receive an info packet about the place. I didn't ask. I know they are not recruiters and were less organized. But I thought they would say when they expect to make a decision. But the HR person who set up my interview told me that the Nurse Manager was only conducting interviews Tuesday and Wednesday.
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    Oh, forgot to ask...Did they tell you any information about benefits or when they hold orientation? I did ask about the orientation in general but they didn't say if that is held every month or in September.
  14. by   jazzy25
    Hi i am a nurse,

    No they didn't tell me anything about benefits or when orientation starts. I didn't want to ask because HR usually does that somethings nurse manager don't know anything. I only asked about how long orientation was and if the nurses will be cross trained to all three units. They probably have orientation every month. I was told that they probably started hiring nurses now is because they got their budget this month. I was also told that the nurse managers only interviews Tuesday and Wednesday.

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