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    I have a question about the admission to msn program at umdnj .I applied online and mailed in all the requirements but haven't heard from anyone, for those of you who applied there how long did it take you to hear from them ?? Thanks

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    I'm currently a student in WHNP program at UMDNJ, Im finishing up my first semester. Each track is handled by advisers, I'm not sure about Geri, but I actually had a face to face interview. So from the time I sent in my application until my interview was about 2 months (estimate) and 3 days (actual) to get my acceptance letter after the interview....I hope this is helpful.
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    Hii,thanks for the reply, i got my acceptance letter in the mail two days ago: ) im completing the health package now. Im excited and nervous!
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    Congrats! Good luck!

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