UMDNJ Accelerated Nursing 2010 adivice

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    I am enrolled to start in UMDNJ's accelerated nursing program in January of 2010. I was wondering if there are recent students from that campus that could recommend ways to prepare for the fisrt session. Also, if anyone is interested in selling thier books if the editions stay current, I would be very happy to speak with you.

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    hello! are you going to be on the newark campus?
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    So sorry to report, that i will not be on the newark campus. I am set to start on the stratford campus which has start dates in May and January for their 15 month program.
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    I started a thread about anyone who is in the program as I will be applying next year for Fall 2010 and wanted to hear some advice. I'll be applying for the Newark campus. I may come back to you in a few months to hear of your experience.
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    Hi Erin,

    Love your name I am starting at the stratford campus next month as well. I was looking for the same advice you were and the best I got was to brush up on Med terminology and try to be strong in Anatomy and Physiology since Patho is suppossed to be the most time consuming class of the first term. Having a good foundation in A&P couldnt hurt. I am spending this month flipping back through my 400 lb A&P text. (Ug!) Orientation is next week, look forward to meeting you!
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    I just got my acceptance letter for Spring 2010 Stratford campus...sooo excited. Do you know when exactly classes are about to start? I'm so unprepared, I didn't expect this at all. Also, how are you planning to pay for it? I'm a little bit concern about financial it even possible to get everything together in less than a month?
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    hey ive applied for the fall. would u guys tell me ur gpas and credentials..i want to know if i have a chance. i dont have a 3.0
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    Their administration is horrible. They lost my documents and can't review my application. I found out this information one month of constantly calling them and writing emails regarding my status, which got ignored. I had to finally talk to someone else, who admitted this info to me today. All I got was a "sorry". I sent my application since June.
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    Hi, I applied to umdnj accelerated nursing program and I will really appreciate it if someone kindly tell me which campus is better as far as safety, how far you drive to clinical, and the program in general. Is the program doable? How intense is it? Which campus offers a lot of clinical sites? Thank you very much.
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    I have not been to Stratford. But, Newark lol, I'm always in the library and feel pretty safe in there. I've signed up for the Alerts via text and it's the usual shooting, attempted robberies. No UMDNJ students or personnel has been hurt. You're only there for 15 months, just walk in groups if you're going to hang out late.

    Yes, the program is intense, but doable. First semester, you don't chose clinical sites. It's usually up to 1 hour. The Stratford and Newark campus has the exact same curriculum.

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