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  1. by   flyersfan88
    I graduated from Temple with a 3.2, BA in Psych. A's and B's in pre-reqs. My letters of recommendation were 2 personal letters from nurses, one that is a nurse in the specialty I'm aiming for (psych nursing). My essay focused on my passion for psych nursing, and visits I took in high school to Ancora Psych Facility to discover more about what I loved. While I have no medical experience, I've consistently held a job for over 10 years and have a lot of experience working with people (you really have no idea how much basic customer service is valued in health care).
  2. by   sweetsunshine12
    Hello all =)
    I am going to Newark as well...graduated wid a 2.9 GPA.. A's and B'S mostly for science prereqs except for Chem- got a C. ..have volunteered in the ER of a hospital since past 3 yrs. Did externship at a Pediatrician's office for almost 1 yr, shadowed a PA for 6 months in the ER. Got my rec. letters from a Doctor and one of mi science professors.
  3. by   sweetsunshine12
    @ maryg1410

    I still can't find the group on FB... :/
  4. by   Pianoman
    I just got accepted to Newark!! Congratulations to all accepted applicants, and I look forward to meeting you all! My GPA (according to NursingCAS) was 3.79, and I got A's in all prerequisites. I have absolutely no experience in healthcare.
  5. by   HighlyFav
    HI All,
    Congratulations on your acceptance! Do read you medterm and medmath books, but enjoy your days off before school start..!.
    If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to help!

    Student, Newark Campus
  6. by   Pianoman
    @sweetsunshine12 - for some reason the group is hard to find in a facebook search. Mary already posted the link, but here it is again:
    Good luck!
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  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
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  8. by   Mindylane
    How did you guys get notified? When did you all apply? I hope to hear back from them soon....

  9. by   sweetsunshine12
    @mindylane : I got notified by mail and applied by the end of August
  10. by   sweetsunshine12
    Also can someone inbox me the facebook group link for the Newark campus? I still can't find it!
  11. by   njgirl1188
    I was wondering about housing for school... how many people are applying for house on the Newark campus, commuting, or finding housing off campus?
  12. by   njgirl1188
    Can someone also inbox me the facebook group link for the Newark campus please? I'm having trouble finding it too Thank you
  13. by   Pianoman
    Sweetsunshine and Njgirl- look at my last post and copy the address I put in. It will bring you straight to the group. I can't send private messages yet because I haven't posted enough yet. Good luck! Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow at orientation!

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