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    Congrats to everyone accepted to the program!
    Is anyone here from the newark campus? I would love to hear from all of you!
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    I was also accepted to the Newark Campus! Been looking on facebook for group, but i dont think anyone created one yet.

    Hope to meet you at orientation!
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    There is a Newark group but they are graduating in Spring 2013 so they won't let us join it.
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    hey guys congrats ! i'm goin to newark as well, just got the email with all the info. u guys thinking of doing the NALC program?
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    Congrats to all of planning to go to Newark as well...send my deposit in before Nov 5...still waiting for the NALC info and such...can we create a fb group for newark?
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    I am also attending newark...
    I called them to check if they had received it, and they did. Just waiting for the email with all the instructions. I think i should receive something this week.
    How do we go about creating a fb page? I know Stratford has one...and someone mentioned the one that is on facebook right now is for the graduating class.

    Cant wait to meet all of you!!!
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    do you know when the NACL starts?
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    yeah we should def start a fb page, and NALC starts December 7th and goes for two weeks. its 3 times a week on mon, tues, and fri. they just haven't given us the exact times yet. also, its optional but i'm going to take it so i can get my brain flowing
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    I am also attending at the Newark campus, I noticed there is no facebook page and would like to start one, unless of course someone else is compelled to?
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    I created the group and left it "open" so everyone can easily find it and join it. I can make it "closed" or "secret" once it starts to get popular. I titled it "UMDNJ ABSN Newark Spring 2013-Summer 2014" (trying to put as many keywords as possible to make it searchable!). I'm excited to meet you all at orientation next month!