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    KPOV and infiniteself... CONGRATS!! That's great news for both of you

    can you guys tell me when you applied to the program? I chose Newark... but yeah.. if you don't mind can you tell what your stats were like...any work experience or such you had prior to applying?
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    I only applied to UMDNJ, there are not many programs close to Northern Jersey and then the ones that they do have ask for so many pre requisites. I check my email everyday and wait for the mail lady anxiously!!!
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    Hi sweetsunshine12,


    I had my complete application in by mid-July. However, when I called the school in August, I was told that they don't start looking at the application until after the Sept. 1st I'm not sure it mattered much that I applied early.

    My cumulative gpa is about a 3.72. I don't have any real healthcare experience. I was a teacher, and also worked in a special services school with autistic children. I was nervous about that too. I read many people who currently work in hospitals and doctor's offices, and was scared that they were going to overlook me because my work experience lacked the healthcare environment.

    However, I think that if you have a strong GPA, good recommendation letters, and meet all the pre-requisites, you will be fine. I think Newark may be more competitive simply because it's a central location that probably gets many more applicants.

    I called the school a few times to check the status of my application. Although they wouldn't tell me the decision on the phone, the girl said that she was waiting for information from the admissions department, which was the reason for the delay. She acknowledged that she could see on the computer whether I did or did not get in, but wasn't allowed to say. The paperwork I received had some info on the UMDNJ/RUTGERS merge, so I think the hold up was the other paperwork they put into the acceptance letter envelope.

    I would call the school and check on the status. It can't hurt (as long as you're not calling every day). I would just ask when you might find out and if they can tell you what is the reason for the delay. Again, not sure if Newark works the same way.

    Good luck...try and relax (I know...I was running to mailbox every day and was very stressed out).

    Let us know how you make out

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    Hi Everyone,
    I applied to Newark and just got my acceptance letter today. Thank God for his mercies endureth forever. So excited .
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    Hey everyone,

    I just got my acceptance letter to Stratford today, and could not possibly be happier. I'm excited to meet my fellow classmates this Spring!!!

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    Hello Ladies!

    Kim, Gabrielle and Lianna CONGRATS ladies!! I also just recieved my acceptance to Stratford and am really excited to meet everyone and begin our program!! Does anyone know anything about the TEAS exam?

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    They will send you information about the TEAS exam. Either you take it during NALC or one day on your own that you can schedule. It is a basic exam that takes a few hours with reading comprehension, math, and science. Don't worry though, it is just so they have a baseline of what your class might need more assistance with. It's not like if you bomb it, you will be un-accepted.

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    Crystal & Lianna,

    Congrats!! Look forward to meeting you both as well.


    Do you want to start the FB page? Lindsay (from Fall 2012) said she started theirs and posted it on this website, and many people found it before the semester started (others joined after orientation). Let me know if you're going to do it.

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    Thanks Lindsay! I was wondering if your TEAS exam scores could hold you back or not! I'm assuming that after your deposit / acceptance packet is complete you will find out more about the NALC program? What were the hours like for those days (I saw it said 6 hours)?

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    Oh no, don't worry about them at all! Haven't heard anything about our scores or the TEAS test in general since we took it (you get your score immediately after though).

    They sent us information about NALC with our acceptance letter but it could be that they don't know the dates yet for the spring semester, who knows. For us, it was like 2 weeks before school started (August 6-17, classes started the 30). It was from 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday basically those 2 weeks. You could always call/email them and see if they have any information about it though! NALC was definitely helpful just to meet some people (half my class did it), get used to studying/the program/school, and it helped a lot with MedMath I think (which they don't go over at all when school starts, you just get tests).


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