Starting Ocean County College's RN program in Jan.

  1. Hello everyone, I just joined this site because I know it will become a favorite! I am currently attending Ocean County College and received my acceptance letter for Spring 2012! I'm beyond excited but extremely nervous. I ask every single nurse I ever meet if they're any suggestions for a new student and also how was the program when they went. I have to say, everyone makes it seem like it's IMPOSSIBLE! Obviously it's not because they graduated, but I'm not sure if they're trying to scare me or help me. Will someone please enlighten me on what to expect. I am currently enrolled with ------, has anyone had her before? A little info about myself, I am doing well in school, but I do have a 2 year old son, a full time job, and a fiance. I know it sounds challenging BUT I do not have a social life (I go out with my fiance MAYBE once every few months lol), my job is EXTREMELY easy so it's not something I have to focus on, and my fiance is very understanding. How tough is the program? I don't expect to breeze through it, obviously it's a lot of info to cram into 2 years but will I make it? What are some tips? PLS HELP! Any info is greatly appreciate. TY!
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  3. by   KATRN78
    Try to get sleep when ever possible. I used to nap on the subway and in my car, parked in a lot while waiting for the kid to get done with music lessons.

    Study, study, study and study. Make friends in nursing school. Help other students and they will help you.

    Its not impossible. You can do this.
  4. by   ViennaMarie
    I appreciate you getting back to me ...I will def sleep when I can, I love my sleep even though I barely get enough of it now! At least I can put a lot of study time in at work, I'm a receptionist and most of my time is down time. I'm trying to find people on here to make friends who are going to the same school but I haven't been successful, I know how much of a help that is!
  5. by   xxryu139xx
    put it this way, being married and having a 2 yr old child, u already know half of maternal and child health nursing, even if u are not completely aware of it. it is much easier to learn something when u can relate. =)
  6. by   ViennaMarie
    That made me laugh ....