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  1. new jersey state nurses association

    nj board of nursing

    this board licenses registered nurses and practical nurses, and regulates the nursing profession in new jersey. the board certifies advance practice nurses and certified homemaker-home health aides. the board accredits nursing schools and approves clinical affiliates. the board certifies sexual assualt forensic nurse-certified and massage, bodywork and somatic therapists.


    statutes and regulations

    may 1, 2006 - continuing education requirements

    seven step decision making model: algorithm for determining scope of nursing practice


    licensure by examination

    quick overview: start here: a primer for all that wish to work in the us

    # attempts to take nclex exam for nj license:
    an applicant who fails to pass three consecutive licensing examinations shall submit to the board, prior to the fourth licensing examination, proof of successful completion of a remediation course, consisting of 30 hours and conducted by a qualified instructor within the meaning of n.j.a.c. 13:37-1.10. the remediation course shall be completed within one year prior to taking the fourth examination. an applicant who fails the fourth examination may retake the examination two more times before being required to take the remediation course again.

    licensure by endorsement (transfering license from another state)

    reinstatement of licensure 2006

    *new jersey license verification*

    approved schools

    associate degree nursing programs

    diploma nursing programs

    baccalaureate degree nursing programs

    practical nursing programs


    nclex-rn pass rates by school

    2011 nclex -lpn pass rates by school


    certification of nurse aides in long-term care facilities and personal care assistants in assisted living facilities

    certified homemaker-home health aides

    private duty aides not permitted unless arranged through an agency in nj

    free nursing publications with job information/ceu articles:
    nursing spectrum nursing spectrum online
    advance for nurses advance for nurses
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