Should we Skip RN and go straight for BSN? Should we Skip RN and go straight for BSN? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Should we Skip RN and go straight for BSN? - page 3

So my co worker and I go to school together. We got into a bit of a debate yesterday and I want others opinions.... We are both on track to become RN's through a two year nursing programs. He... Read More

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    Quote from LilNell
    As far as costs go many community colleges offer dual admissions to schools for your BSN. I am graduating in May and start my BSN in the summer with NJCU which is a one-year program. So if you start traditionally it will only take me 3 years as opposed to 4. And hopefully for the last year I will be working.
    In my region (not New Jersey) ... a lot of the community colleges have similar options. In fact, for people with BS's in other fields, the dual enrollment options allows them to complete their BSN in only 1 semester after getting their ADN. I think such programs are good options for many people.