Seton Hall 22 month program Fall 2012

  1. 0 Hello! I just wanted to start a thread and see if anyone else has applied... also wondering if anyone has finished this program and your thoughts about it?
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    I applied to the 14 month program...found out letters were mailed out yesterday
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    yes I received mine today and was accepted! Good luck to you!
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    Thank you! Im dying to rush home to see if it came in or not...ughh i feel like my chest is about to explode (or an extreme case of angina pectoris)
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    also did you receive a large envelope or was it normally sized?
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    I am not sure! I am away at school and my family just called and told me... did you hear back yet?
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    I was accepted to the 2012 fall cnl program at seton hall. Anyone else? Just waiting to hear about financial aid.
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    Hello my name is Samir. I am accepted into the 14 month program that will be at Court university . additional papers have not yet sent out. Neither financial aid package has been sent. Please any one could help me find a room to rent in a walking distance from the campus. or a nice roommate why not. Thank you
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    hello, I would like to know if you have gotten a letter of acceptance to the 14 month one. I got in and I am looking for a roommate. Ths
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    Hello, would you please help me find a roommate. I got in to the 14 months accelerated bsn court university 2012

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