Scrubs store in Northern NJ?

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    Hi everyone! I'm in NJ for this week and I wanted to look for a comfortable pair of white pants to go with the scrubs I have. Does anyone know of any good places in Northern NJ (Bergen County area)?

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    I just had to buy some for's a little tough to find parking - BUT - Belle Uniforms 266 Main Street Paterson. Denise is awesome there. The number is 973-977-9733. Very reasonable prices and they have EVERYTHING!
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    Two stores within one block from each other on Washington Ave in Bergenfield, NJ.
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    there used to be one inside the bergen mall on the opposite side of the comic book store
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    also try going online and typing in cheap scrubs. I get ALL of my scrubs online for half of what they are selling at malls
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    I absolutely LOVE grey's anatomy scrubs!!!!!!!!!