Rutgers Newark or New Brunswick?

  1. I was accepted to the nursing programs at both Rutgers Newark and Rutgers New Brunswick. I was offered an extra $5,000 a year scholarship at Rutgers Newark. I've heard that the curricula are the same.

    Do employers really care which one you attended?

    Are New Brunswick graduates respected more than their Newark classmates?
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  3. by   adnstudent44
    go to newark, new brunswick admin is a mess right now and its only going to get worse.
  4. by   papaya18
    hello tev0. When did you get your acceptance into the rutgers program? Is this for the part time summer program?
  5. by   mmcc01
    Newark's unfortunate crime rates have no effect on the colleges or the respect given to the students who attend the institutions, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    A lot of colleges are in unpleasant areas, it doesn't change anyone's credibility. New Brunswick has its fair share of crime in the area as well. As a matter of fact there was just a student from Kean University beaten to death a few blocks away from Rutgers New Brunswick.

    The Newark campus is in University Heights, right next door to NJIT which is reputable as well. Seton Hall Law school is also in Newark.

    Rutgers has an amazing nursing school that is constantly voted one of the top in the state and best in the country. Newark doesn't take away from that.

    Perhaps you really aren't familiar with the area, but this question is borderline offensive for those of us who actually live in the Newark area. Why would any hospital care about the location of a nursing school? Especially a top rated one?

    Good luck and congrats on that scholarship!
  6. by   RubyWolf
    First off, CONGRATULATIONS on that scholarship!!
    I actually attend Rutgers Newark (NWK), and I do not find that the New Brunswick (NB) students are more respected than the students here in NWK. The curriculum is the same on both campuses, and we have the same faculty for most of our nursing courses. In one of my classes, one professor would give statistics of NWK and NB grades, and NWK scored higher. Also almost all the nursing faculty and staff offices are located in NWK, which is convenient when seeking help in classes.

    In my opinion, here are my pros and cons of being in RU-NWK, instead of NB:
    Pros = Our class size is slightly smaller than NB, making the student to professor ratio smaller. You do not need to take a shuttle bus to get to classes. There is a study floor at the nursing building, which also holds the faculty offices, so if you have a question on your studies, your professor's office is a second away. I believe the adult simulation lab is located only in NWK, also making it more convenient to practice your clinical skills on the simulation adults.

    Cons = NB offers more non-nursing classes, meaning more options in choosing a minor if interested. NB has more campus life since Newark is more of a commuter campus. Area around RU-NWK is less safe compared to RU-NB.

    Hope this helps! And best of luck to you in making a decision.
  7. by   10CasMic
    Hi! I was originally in the nursing program at RU-NB and transferred to RU-Newark. New brunswick is really fun, but once I got to my junior year of nursing school and had to crack down, Newark was such an amazing decision. Everyone is so much more supportive of each other, the class sizes are better, we can grow closer to our professors. There is just so much more for nursing in Newark! PM me if you have any questions.
  8. by   Kary85
    Congrats! Im currently attending UCC to complete some prereqs for nursing program at Rutgers. I have too many questions and wondering if someone could help me. I heard I need to be a Rutgers student in order to apply for the nursing program. Any advices? What should I do? Should I just apply to another program and then just transfer? Also I was wondering if they have evening classes? I would love your help. Thank u so much.. And good luck!

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