Rutgers-New Brunswick ABSN Fall 2014

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    Hey all,

    I just got accepted for Fall 2014 intake at New Brunswick and is wondering who else was accepted. I am looking forward to the craziness of this program.

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    Hi Nadia89! Congrats on your acceptance to the program!!

    I actually have not been accepted yet, but plan to apply in Fall 2015, so I was wondering if I could ask you about yourself a little, and ask a few questions about the program. Where did you attend undergrad and what was your GPA? Did you work in the medical field before applying? What do you think gave you the edge to get in? Also, what are the start and end dates for the program? And finally, what were the names of the courses you took for interpersonal communications, nutrition, and life span requirements?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi aseret,

    I am happy to answer your questions. Do you have an email address which I can contact you? I will answer all your questions through email.
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    Hi Nadia89

    [COLOR=#000000]I have am going to apply for Fall 2015 and i have same questions as aseret. I wanted to know what other courses that could be taken for interpersonal communication and also i checked today for organic biochem and now it requires a lab but when i called them a month ago they don't me chem of life is fine. I am pretty confused and want to get these two pre reqs out of the way since i have everything else done with. My email is
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    Hi Nadia89!

    Same question as those below me -- what did you take to satisfy the "Interpersonal Communications" course? I'm currently taking my prerequisite classes at community colleges around NJ, so am hoping there's some sort of online class that would fulfill this pre-req? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi gilly00,

    Is there an email where I can communicate with you?
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    Hi nadia89 I was recently accepted for Spring 2015 at New Brunswick and I was wondering if you could give me any additional information on how your experience has been. My email is
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    Hey Jessb75 I was looking into applying for rutgers accelerated program fall 2015 and wanted to know what courses you took and what was your gpa? My email is

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