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    My first post here. Question is directed to previous, current or prospective Rutgers ABSN students!

    I plan to apply for the Rutgers ABSN program (starts in May 2011). I earned by BS degree at rutgers and re-enrolling application is not available to me until Feb 1, 2011. I will be taking one pre-req (Intro to Sociology) in the Spring. As for the other 3 pre-req's (Nutrition, Human Interactive Proc., and Cultural Dimensions), I would have an option to test out/challenge AFTER I have been accepted. From reading others' posts, acceptance letters are distributed sometime during early to mid-March.

    So my dilemma is...I could either register for these 3 courses in the Spring (i.e. pay for them) or risk NOT taking the course and just test out of them (risky, but much more time and cost effective). If I do not pass any of the 3 challenge tests, then I would not be eligible for the May-start of the program. Any recommendations? Are these challenge exams hard? Is is feasible to study for 3 challenge exams and actually pass?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Bump. Does anyone in the NJ or NYC area know where I can take some of the prerequisite classes? Can I apply to Rutgers-Newark directly and sign up for some of their classes?
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    you could probably take intro to soc. and nutrition at any NJ community college and have them transfer. sorry i can't help you more